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The Village

Marciana Marina is the smallest of the 8 Elban municipalities, and by extension, the smallest in all of Italy. The territory is limited to the historical center of the town with its beautiful seafront ornate with a line of tamarisk trees. Thanks to the intelligent safeguarding policies of the coastline and the architectural heritage, Marciana Marina has managed, over the course of the years, to preserve the original architectural character and 19th century town-planning, even though with advent of the tourism boom there has been a considerable building development . Thanks to its well equipped tourist port with the Torre Pisana from the 11th century, built as a defense against pirate invasions controlled by the Sarcens, and later belonging to the Medicis, this small and charming area is one of the most famous and charming on the entire island.

NOT TO MISS: the picturesque Cotone quarter ( the name comes from cote meaning large rock) where the first residential nucleus of this ancient village first arose, and once offered mooring and shelter to fishing boats. In the past it was the maritime outlet of Marciana, where they built and repaired boats using chestnut wood found in land. Today there still remains, intact, a colorful little pastelhouse built on an overhang over the sea. Absolutely not miss is the festival of the patron saint, Santa Chiara , which is held on 12 August every year and attracts the attention of thousands of tourist from all over the island who flock to see the oly procession and the fireworks display, shot off in time to music, at midnight.